Mass Grunts

As we know, Grunts is a good hero slayer with his normal attack.

Grunt is the best unit in the game in a conservative sense and will be against all other units.

The problem is that Grunt is a conservative unit. His attack is not ranged. He doesn’t have automatic healing like trolls. He can’t hit the air. He is not a spell.

I found grunts to be the best deal on health source maps. They are maps like the lost temples.


Quickly build massive grunts and psychic like mad. Quickly pass half the strip near the source.

Now as it crawls your growl will heal. Due to the huge HP of Grunts, Grunts will heal much faster at source.

Grunt’s normal attacks work wonders on small armor creeps.

So, quickly get rid of the small armored monsters before attacking the big armored monsters.

If you have enough grunts, you can start building trolls. This way, you can level up your Far Seer very quickly.

When they crawl somewhere away from the fountain, the Grunts really shine. There is no need to attract chills and things like that. It only attacks the chills. Grunts have cheap HP. Also, when one of the grunts is about to die, simply move that grunt to the source to use it again.

Now, attack with all your might once you’ve shaken the ground.

Leave with the city portal when necessary.

The enemies of the grunts are obviously air units.

That is why after about 6-8 grunts, he starts herding the trolls. The trolls will take care of the air unit while your grunts will take care of the pesky hero and other ground units.

Usually in the middle of a fight, enemies will focus on a lot of things. A quick earthquake on your farm would further maximize the damage.

When your base is attacked, try to attack the enemy base. Grunts collect money every time they hit buildings. Also, with the earthquake, it is likely to do them more harm than to them.

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